Dr. Richard Bink, DVM

Dr. Bink is an equal animal caregiver whether you have a cat, a bird a lizard a snake, he treats all creatures with caring and compassion.

– Tina Decker

Dr. Richard Bink, DVM

Veterinarian Dr. Richard Bink, owner of Central Veterinary Hospital, holds two of his patients, Mollie, right, and Hannah, left, on Thursday. Hunter McRae/Savannah Morning NewsRichard Bink is a 1988 graduate of Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine. He moved to the Low Country in 1991 and purchased the Central Animal Hospital in Savannah, GA. At first, Business was slow – only two animals a day, but by 2008, the practice had grown to 35,000 animal clients. About a quarter to a third of the practice was birds and exotics. Dr. Bink has performed surgery on everything from mice – “I’ve actually spayed mice so they won’t have any more babies” – to 11-foot ostriches!

In 2008, Dr. Bink made an attempt at retirement in the mountains of North Carolina, only to return to his passion – Veterinary Medicine – in 2010. Dr. Bink purchased the Buckwalter Veterinary Clinic in 2012 and tripled the number of patients in just a few months.

In his spare time Rich enjoys running, biking and kayaking. He and Dr. Dana biked in the “Tour De France” in the French Alps. Each February, Dr. BInk runs in the Mount Mitchell Challenge – a 40 mile Ultramarathon run from the town of Black Mountain, NC to the top of Mt Mitchell, the highest point in the Eastern US, and back down again. This race, intentionally run in Winter to ensure harsh conditions, is regarded as one of the most difficult trail-running races in North America. Rich also relishes his children, Richie and Audrey, who assist with the frequent patients their father brings home.

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Best vets in the area! Reasonable, practical and compassionate.

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